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Pre-Cons & Workshops

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Pre-Con: Offered Thursday Afternoon for an additional fee; add to the reservation when checking out

Mind Mapping - Kathy Bruins

You're excited about writing a book, script, or article, and suddenly you realize you have a few ideas or an abundance of them. Mind-Mapping helps you brainstorm ideas and create an organized plan of action in the writing process to define your writing project clearly. This workshop will assist writers in "drawing a map" to their writing treasure. It's exciting (and fun) to discover the treasures hidden in the layers of our brains.

Topics include:

  • What is Mind Mapping?

  • Benefits

  • How to get started

  • Processing the results

Show Up, Speak Out, Say it Now - Laura Beth Degroot

Show Up - Writers must be taught how to present themselves and their work. This interactive workshop teaches writers how to use their voice - out loud! Does a simple interactive training prepare a short answer for when they are asked, "what do you write"? Extended responses for what it's like to write, their projects, or whom they hope to serve.

Speak Out - learn how to confidently present themselves and their work in a way others will listen. All writers may not become speakers, but some will, and some want to.

Say It Now - attendees will practice a 10-minute talk about what they write about and present it—also, coming up with a list of contacts for potential speaking opportunities. 

Book Proposal Clinic - Dave & Cindy Lambert

In this clinic, you will be introduced to the business side of publishing decisions, discover what happens behind the closed doors of editors and publishing boards, and learn how to craft an enticing proposal that captures the interest of publishing professionals.

This hands-on interactive clinic will begin with an in-depth presentation, offer individual time to work on and refine specific proposal elements of your own and come together again for advice and guidance to launch you into the world of meeting with editors.

Introduction to Screenwriting - Birgit Myaard

This workshop will cover the basics of writing a film script geared toward writers who would like to explore screenwriting as a creative endeavor. Topics will include:

• What is a screenplay, and how does it differ from other forms of writing?

• Screenwriting format

• Sources of professional feedback on your first draft


Also covered: Techniques to Maximize the Potential for Screenwriting Success – During this time, we will draw from videos and scripts available online to provide examples of screenwriting techniques readers look for when evaluating screenplays for contests or potential production.

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Workshops: Workshops are on Friday & Saturday-The sign-up link is provided in the confirmation email.

Diverse Books and Who Should Write Them - Edwina Perkins 

this session addresses the impact of writing about a culture outside your own.

Trends in Inspirational Writing - Kim Childress 

Description coming soon

The Weight of the First Page - Linda Glaz 

You will understand the importance of starting with a POP! How to do it, and how to recognize a solid first page.

Distribution and Supply Chain Issues - How to Navigate the Challenges - Athena Dean Holz 

The Pandemic has created waves of trials in the printing and publishing industry. As authors, it is essential to understand what they are and how to make the most of the opportunities we receive, even if our books are delayed in production or shipping.

Finding the Right Editor for Your Book - Karin Beery

Learn about the different types of edits and how you can find the right editor.

Defining Passion - Sarah Rexford 

We all possess the passion, but without proper execution, that passion remains a dream. It's said, "There is always a gap between your current reality and your dream for the future." We all chase success; however, we individually define it: Bestseller lists, subscribers, and social media numbers. But true success is living fully in the exact place God has put us. In this talk, I share my relationship with the Bowers (If God Should Choose), being on the set with Brett Dalton (Agents of Shield), and how true success comes not so much in accomplishing the goal itself or meeting cultural expectations. The desire for the goal is what starts us on a journey that becomes the gift itself. 

Deep Deep POV - Linda Glaz

Understanding deep POV, recognizing it, and learning to write it well.

Publish & Reach Your Readers! - Athena Dean Holz 

So many ways to publish these days…it can be super confusing! Join industry pioneer Athena Dean Holtz and learn the difference between Self-Publishing, Hybrid Publishing, & Traditional Publishing – and then discover some of the best ways to reach your readers once you have a book in hand. Facebook Live, virtual events, 5-day challenges, private Facebook groups or communities, and more. You are adding value wherever possible, and it will set you apart from the crowd!

How to Get Published - Book Basics for Beginners - Karen Neumair 

Brand new to the publishing process? Senior Literary Agent Karen Neumair provides a brief overview of the three primary publishing paths, then unpacks the basic steps to publishing with a traditional publisher, including the role of a literary agent and how to find one. (Target Audience: Aspiring authors with no publishing experience)

The Myth of Networking - Sarah Rexford 

Why networking is not the magic spell to landing a book deal, and how to engage with others in the industry in a way that works

Landing a Literary Agent - Karen Neumair 

Get insider information on opening the door to traditional publishing with the correct representation. Senior Literary Agent Karen Neumair will answer all your questions about literary agents, including how to find the best fit for you and your unique writing aspirations. (Target Audience: Intermediate authors ready to pursue a traditional publisher)

Publishing Process - Tim Beals 

Well-known authors have employed writing opportunities to change lives--and avoid rejection slips. Many of these proven writing ministries can be implemented immediately without waiting months or years to be traditionally published in books and articles.

The Importance of your Pitch - Edwina Perkins 

Pitching your book is one of the most important things you'll do as an author. A memorable pitch can help a book go a long way in a crowded marketplace. It's a concise, one or two sentences used to sell your book to an editor, agent, and, eventually, readers. This workshop will give tips on how to create a killer pitch.

The Art of the Interview - Help Your Podcast/Broadcast Guest Succeed - Athena Dean Holtz 

As the host of your podcast or radio show, you set the pace and tone and can turn an interview into a high five by following the 7 Steps to Engage Your Guest. Join Athena Dean Holtz, former radio show host and the 2021 Spark Media Female Podcast Host of the Year, as she walks you through the intangibles of engaging your guest.

Twenty-Five Rejection Proof Markets - James Watkins 

Well-known authors have employed writing opportunities to truly change lives—and avoid rejection slips. Many of these proven writing ministries can be implemented immediately without waiting months—or years—to be traditionally published in books and articles.

Writing for the Children's Market - Crystal Bowman

Writing for children is fun, but fun does not mean easy. This session will walk you through the subgenres in children's literature (ages 0-10) so you will know where your ideas or stories will fit. 

Children's Books and Book Selling - Kim Childress 

Workshop description coming soon.

The Art of Description (and Not Going Overboard) - Janyre Tromp 

It's no secret that good narrative description is one of the keys to excellent writing. But navigating the path between too much and too little detail isn't always easy. In this workshop, we'll explore keys to creating an effective "Show Don't Tell" description and give concrete examples of how to put those keys into action without bogging down your manuscript.

Connecting with Characters - Karin Beery  

Creating realistic characters readers will relate to and want to read.

8 Hard but Helpful Realities Every Writer Needs to Know - Dave & Cindy Lambert  

Eight Hard But Helpful Realities Every Writer Needs to Know--Discover the eight uncomfortable yet energizing truths that will shake you up but also wake you up to the next steps you can take in writing and seeking publication. Sometimes the truth is hard to hear, but "let the wise listen and add to their learning, and let the discerning get guidance." (Proverbs 1:5)

Todays Publishing Options - Dave & Cindy Lambert 

A helpful overview of the three different paths to publishing--traditional, independent, and hybrid--and the differences and similarities between them. 


Social Media – Alyshia Hull

Description to come


Book Marketing Jesus’ Way - "Eddie Jones-

Jesus already had in mind what he was going to do. (John 6:6) Is this the way you come to your book promotion? Do you already have in mind what the outcome will be? How many copies will sell, home much you'll spend? What your ROI will be? Or are your efforts simply based on hope and a vague prayer for blessing from God?   There is a better way to promote your books: one that doesn’t require going broke. If you believe in Jesus and his power of restoration and life, you might be a candidate for Book Marketing Jesus’ Way. "


Writing for the Education Market - Diane Lindsey Reeves

Out with the write what you know maxim! Curious children's nonfiction authors write about what they want to know. We will start with some creative brainstorming about nonfiction book ideas then get down to business with discussions about proposals and finding publishing partners.


Finding Your Publishing Niche - Diane Lindsey Reeves

Some authors focus on cookbooks. Others on sports. Author Diane Lindsey Reeves built her career on books that help kids figure out what they want to be when they grow up. Come explore your passions and look at ways to become a go-to author for your favorite nonfiction themes. As an extra bonus, Reeves will share how she generates a secondary revenue stream by reaching customers outside traditional school/library channels via her Bright Futures Press website.

*Workshops are subjected to change

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