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Publication Contest

2022 Publication Contest 

EABooks is happy to offer a publishing opportunity for your conference in 2022 We hope it helps increase excitement and attendance.  

Publication Opportunity 

Writers who meet deadlines, follow submission guidelines, and submit to the editing process will be chosen for inclusion in a book titled, . . . Anchors in the Storm, published by Living Parables, an imprint of EABooks Publishing, making them “published” authors. Authors will be able to purchase books at a reduced rate and keep the profit from their sales. 

  • For unpublished authors (can have articles, blogs, or online content published either paid or unpaid, but not a book for which royalties were paid)

  • Only those who follow the full submission guidelines will be considered

    • One submission per person registered for the conference

    • Can submit a short story, article, devotional, poem, or prayer

    • 1500 word limit

    • Include a 50 word bio at the end of your submission written in 3rd person, a title to your piece, and your name with contact information (email, address, and phone number) at the top of the first page of the submission (none of this is included in submission word count total)

    • Standard manuscript format (Times New Roman, 12pt font, double spaced, 1 inch margins, Microsoft Word doc or docx)

    • The submission should tie-in to the theme of the book

    • Submissions must be submitted via email attachment to by midnight (we’ll insert deadline later) and your conference name or initials in the subject line.

  • Those that best reflect the theme, who meet submission guidelines and represent the best writing of a new author, will be chosen for inclusion in the book. Winners will be announced during the conference.

The 2022 Book: 

When storms come in life, we often turn to anchors the world promotes—success, relationships, our own abilities, and even food, drugs, and alcohol. But soon we discover these anchors don’t hold and we drift further out to sea. The stories, poems, and devotions in this collection point us to the one anchor that holds no matter the storm—Jesus! He’s the only anchor we can trust, and in reading them we hope you are encouraged to hold tight to Jesus in your own storms.

Special thanks to EABooks Publishing for creating and sponsoring this contest.

For further clarification or questions, email

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