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Registered Attendees

Thank you! 

You've registered, and we're so excited to see you this fall! A couple of quick things to note: 

  • Make sure you've read through the Travel Tips and the What to Expect pages - those details cover what to bring, how to make sure you have lodging and transportation arrangements, and how to prepare for your personal one-to-one appointments

  • Are you on Facebook? Make sure to like our Facebook page and join our networking group! Speakers and attendees from last year are in the group and would love to help answer your questions. It's also a great place to get some tips and tricks. 

  • Enter the Publication Contest! If you're an unpublished author, this is a unique and easy way to become published. Plus, your story will be sold as a part of a collection at our bookstore. For further questions, please email 

  • Last, but not least, you will receive an email with a form to fill out that will help us with logistics, as well as allow you to sign up for your workshops! To sign up for your one-to-ones, you will receive a separate link with instructions and be able to select up to 6 appointments with Faculty.  Don't worry - if you want to switch between workshops or appointments, you can totally do that at the conference. 

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