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Local Writing Critique Groups

word weavers west michigan writers groupsWhen the conference is over, what will you do to continue writing and put into practice the lessons and insight gained during our short week together? This year, we’ve partnered with the Word Weavers International  writing communities to provide you with a writing group in your area. Our primary goal is to provide encouragement, accountability, education, inspiration and support for current and aspiring Christian writers.

Our secondary goal, as communicators are raised up and equipped, is to give testimony to our King and influence culture in the direction of Christ. Currently, Word Weavers is experiencing wonderful, fruit-filled growth. Jesus said that the Father’s will is that we bear fruit and that our fruit remains.

Across the country, Word Weavers provides the community that writers need to become and remain faithful to their gifts and calling. If you live in West Michigan, you can connect with Word Weavers West Michigan, click here to view their schedule. This group meets twice a month, every month, and they hope to add additional groups across the Midwest soon. They schedule experienced writers, editors and other professionals to attend the large group meetings, where they give a 30- to 45-minute seminar on their area of expertise. Small groups meet allowing members to stay connected and improve writing and editing skills through personal critique sessions. Word Weaver groups are available around the country and exciting things are happening within these groups. If there isn’t a Word Weavers group yet in your area, contact West Michigan President, Kathy Bruins, author@kathybruins.com, and ask about getting one started in your home town.


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