Consultations - Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference | Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference


Attendance at a writers’ conference like Maranatha provides writers with an opportunity you’ll get almost nowhere else: the chance to sit down face to face, one on one, with an editor from a major publishing house, or an agent, or a social media expert or publicity specialist or freelance editor, and find out what advice they can give you—or what service they might perform that you need. Writers often complain about how hard it is to catch the ear of an editor—here’s your chance! For the fifteen-minute duration of your free appointment, they’re your captive audience.

You can, as we explain on the CONFERENCE SCHEDULE tab, pay extra for Premium Consultations, which are longer, focused consultation with Tim Haines about social media, but your fifteen-minute consultations with our faculty are free—and we encourage you to take advantage of them! They’re one of the most important things that happens at the conference. You wonder if one of the participating publishers might be interested in your manuscript? This is your chance to find out.

 About a month before the conference, you will get an email from Bonnie, Conference Administrator, asking you for your top five choices for the one-to-one meetings.  She will work very hard to get you four of your top five choices, and you will know before you come what meetings are in store for you!  Take time to go through our list and be aware that more publishing experts are being added.

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