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Den, Verna, Del-0647Comments from past Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference attendees.

“Maranatha Writers’ Conference provides inspiration, instruction and take-home materials. It keeps me going and growing as a writer.” “If you even think you would like to write but don’t know how or  where to begin, here is your answer. MCWC presents a broad spectrum of techniques, structure, and ideas. The teachers are Christ-centered, professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. You’ll like it.” “The conference is small enough to be personable. The friendliness of the staff and presenters is just so warm and welcoming. God shines through them in their smiles. I am thankful for the contacts and new friends I’ve made.” “MCWC has outdone itself! This conference has stretched me in areas I never thought possible. I’m so excited to explore what God has in store for my writing.”



 “I’ve been to several national writers’ conferences and this one by far exceeded them all. Tremendous—valuable info and the entire spirit of this conference was so warm and welcoming. Thank you so much!” “Power, emotion, and information-packed conference! Well worth the cost and five-hour drive from Indianapolis. Dedicated behind-the-scenes staff and amazingly transparent speakers.” “I came to Maranatha as an unpublished, aspiring writer with a headful of ideas…. This conference provided the discipline, inspiration, and information I needed to define my mission, to begin to write with a clear purpose…” “If you desire to meet one-on-one with those who might actually have a hand in bringing your writing dreams to fruition, this is your conference!” “Maranatha taught me so much that will move me into the next level of my writing journey. The workshops are current and applicable to all writing formats, and the staff is friendly and hospitable. Coming to Maranatha is one of the best things I have done to improve my writing.” “Being able to rub shoulders, eat with, and talk to editors, agents, and published authors is one amazing aspect of Maranatha.” “This conference was the best! The atmosphere was warm, loving, accepting, and Christ-centered. I learned tons of important information in a family-like setting.” “My dreams have been revived.” “This is much more than a writers’ conference. It’s a great place to share the story of your faith journey with others.” “What a wonderful experience this week was. The theme I saw was God using our brokenness to touch others and how powerful our lives can be to show the glory of God to a hurting world.” “We had incredible professional speakers.” “A college course in writing all compacted into one week of Christian encouragement, powerful witness and loving fellowship.” “I appreciated the level of excellence and variety of workshops.” “Finally, a conference where I can get help to write poetry.” “I’m surprised at how this conference has spurred me on and inspired me to make my writing more of a priority.” “I am amazed at the caliber and professionalism of every single speaker who was here.”  

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From Novice Writer to Published Author

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One of the best things about Maranatha is the variety of writing professionals which share their writing and marketing experiences. In the past 5 years, I have found them to be personable and willing to meet for a one-on-one conference to talk about your ideas and give suggestions on how to get it in print.

In 2011, Bill Myers, writer for Focus on the Family’s  Adventures in Odyssey and the McGee and Me series, worked with me to ‘actionate’ my first page by showing and not telling. He helped create a page-turner. If a person wants to write in the secular market of newspapers or magazines, attend Holly Miller’s workshops. Holly is the editor of the Saturday Evening Post. If you want to create story books for children, don’t miss anything Crystal Bowman offers. If you feel led to write devotionals from your life experiences, Eddie Jones is most helpful. If fantasy strikes your fancy, Brian Davis will take your writing into that new dimension.

One of my favorite writers and speakers is Carol Kent, who writes of a heart-breaking experience in her family and the triumph God brought through it. For those of us who are now published, we have to market our books through public speaking. She will lead a workshop on how to speak and promote your book.  I’m also expecting to hear great things from Ruth Graham – daughter of Billy and Ruth Graham, who wrote, In Every Pew Sits A Broken Heart. Sounds compelling and I’m sure I will learn something new from her too.

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Writers Learn “How To” Write their Vision at our Conference

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Writers Learn “How To” Write their Vision at our Conference

I felt God wanted me to somehow send a personal spiritual message to the people on my Christmas card list, but I didn’t have a clue on “how to” do it.

Then when I attended the Marantha Writers Conference for the first time, Den Slattery provided instructions on “how to” write a Christian tract.  He not only provided information on the format, but stressed to season it with prayer.

The next year I attended the conference, I sat down with Den as he critiqued my first attempt of writing a tract.  He spoon fed me through the process and by the time I left the conference my first tract was ready to be delivered.  I want to thank him for his patience and encouragement.  I have included a tract in every Christmas card ever since then.  My daughter even uses them in her Christmas cards also.

Prayer and listening to the Holy Spirit’s guidance has been my routine in developing something new each year.  Quite often a devotional or sermon will be a catalyst in creating a new tract.  It is exciting to see what God has in store for me to write!

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More Testimonies from our Conf. Director

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More Testimonies from our Conf. Director

I came for the pool on the beach.  That’s what I told everyone.  Actually, as a busy mother, I needed to talk to a few more adults.  I loved to write, and couldn’t imagine anything better than a few days of inspiration and information about writing.

The results exceeded my expectations.  Not only did I find one of my first editors at Maranatha, but I went on to experience years of discovering publishing outlets.  Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference gave me the confidence and knowledge to find success.

I have been to other conferences.  Some were much larger than the one at Maranatha.  For me, getting to know many of the same experts at a smaller venue is a huge plus.  Now that I help with organizing the conference, I’m well aware of the dedication our staff has to inviting authors, editors, publishers, and agents who have a passion for helping both novice and experienced writers.  Speakers change each year, and I always come home with new writing tools.

I still enjoy other conferences, but I still find all I need at Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference.

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Feedback from Recent Conferees

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Maranatha Christian Writers Conference Staff and FacultyJudy Farnsworth says:   “I appreciate the experience and knowledge of the speakers.  They are specific in delivering their topics and their material is up-to-date. I leave the sessions with new ideas and enthusiasm to write.”
Mary Morgan commented: ” I went to Maranatha to listen and learn from successful editors, agents, publishers, and fellow writers. I left encouraged that God could use my writing in a unique way.”
Yvonne Albright thought that: ” Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference’s learning atmosphere of many aspects of writing
makes me want to return year after year.”

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Deciding to Attend a Writers’ Conference

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Deciding to Attend a Writers’ Conference

As the school year nears, the calendar is also filled with a series of Fall writer’s conferences, the Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference being only one. As a writer, I have grown more because of attending writers conferences than any other thing I’ve put on my calendar. The combination of fellowship with other writers and access to editors, agents and published authors who are down the road from where I find myself inspire me to learn my craft, and overcome the fears and doubts that often plague writers.

Are you attending a writers conference this year?  Do you have time in your Fall schedule to invest a few days in your writing journey or career? Here are a few thoughts about conferences from Tamela Hancock Murray, an agent with the Steve Laube Literary Agency, to help you make up your mind.


From Conferee and Staff Member

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From Conferee and Staff Member

Thanks to what I learned at Maranatha, I began writing my first book and was picked up by a publisher who liked my idea of writing wholesome mystery books for children set in national parks. “Stolen Treasures at Pictured Rocks”  was published in November 2011 and has sold nearly 2700 copies. It is currently being sold in the UP’s National Park as well as many other locations around MI, and has been picked up by several libraries as well. Being a MI Author, I am asked to present my books in schools during March Reading Month. Since then, I have had two other books published and give God and Maranatha credit for my jumpstart into the world of writing.
Mary Morgan

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Celebrating our Writer’s Successes

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Celebrating our Writer’s Successes

Jamie Hope attended the Maranatha Writers’ Conference for the past two years. As a result of her tenacity and hard work, she received a green light from a publisher to submit a book proposal for her teen fantasy novel, Lucent Stones. In addition, She’s applied the confidence and knowledge from the conference and submitted queries to the national magazine, American Thinker.

I’m writing to celebrate that Jamie’s published two magazine articles on the American Thinker since our Sept conference. Here are the links.

Celebrity Fetal Bumps

Leading by Example

If you have a minute, read these excellent, though provoking articles, and drop Jamie a note.




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Living What You Teach

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Living What You Teach

Pastor Troy Evans, from the Edge Urban Fellowship in Grand Rapids, passionately discussed living out the faith you proclaim. Troy not only leads two growing inner city churches in Michigan’s largest cities, he also sits on ministry leadership boards. Traveling 10 to 14 days a month, Troy has a number of accountability partners in his life reminding him that he has to stay F.A.T.

F: Faithful

A: Accountable

T: Transparent

and you have to eat what you sell.


Another Conference is just Hours Away

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Maranatha Christian Writers Conference at nightThe clock shows 8:30 PM, and in just 12 hours the 2012 Maranatha Christian Writers Conference kicks off. I’ve already met writers form Kentucky, North Carolina, Southern California and the east side of Michigan, over 3 hrs away. We have one of the most diverse and experienced staffs at this years conference, with writers and publishers from around the country.

This year, West Bow Press is sponsoring a FREE book publishing contract, that we will give away on Tuesday. The Amy Foundation, Word Weavers writing groups are here, along with their founders. We expect 80 guests, writers of all experience levels, to gather and learn how to put their visions and life lessons into print to affect the world, and build God’s Kingdom

If you’re following us on Twitter, tune into #maranathaconf.


This year’s theme is: “To know God, and make him known.” Keep watching throughout the week as I talk with writers and faculty about their week here on beautiful Lake Michigan’s Shore.

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Choosing to attend a Writers’ Conference

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Choosing to attend a Writers’ Conference

From Janice Broyles, conference attendee, 2015:  “When I arrived at the Maranatha Writer’s Conference in October 2015, I didn’t know what to expect. I had been to numerous writer’s conferences, but none that focused on writing from the Christian perspective. The Lord had placed a topic for a book on my heart, so I had decided to give this Christian writing conference a try. Boy, am I glad I did! This is the B-E-S-T writer’s conference I have ever attended (and I’ve attended at least fifteen). I walked into Cindie Lambert’s nonfiction book proposal clinic that first day and learned so much. She sat down with me and the other writers and walked us through how to write an effective proposal. She even took a look at the work we had done and offered tips to make it really stand out. The conference kept getting better and better. I left there, knowing I was on the right track for my book. Sure enough, two months later, I was offered a contract from a traditional publishing house for my nonfiction book! To God be the glory!
So, if you’re debating whether or not to make the investment of time and finances into this conference, I can answer that for you: YES!  You will not be disappointed.”   
Janice Broyles, whose book, No Longer Rejected, is set for publication July 25, 2016

From Lissa Halls Johnson, author, editor, and 2014 faculty member: Whenever fledgling writers come  for help in becoming a writer, I always, always tell them the most valuable thing they can do is attend a writer’s conference. There you will learn not only the craft, but also the culture of writing. What beginning writers often don’t know is that there’s more to writing than just putting words on paper. There’s learning how to arrange those words, the rules of successful submission, how to treat an editor and the etiquette of the publishing world. You learn the embarrassing mistakes that can continually cast you to the bottom of the editorial heap. You learn the lingo and the backstage secrets.
For more established writers, there’s the benefit of making connections and acquaintances (and even lifelong friends). And as a writer, you never, never stop learning. Each conference brings forward new or reviewed information. Each conference sends you home with more tools to hone your craft and more excitement to get back at it.

From Author Kathi Macias: I’m a seasoned vet when it comes to writers’ conferences in general. Because I speak at several writers’ conferences throughout the year and each seems to have its own unique “personality.” I’ve thought a lot about how those individual conference personalities draw and minister to attendees. Conferences vary according to size, venue, length, and focus, but each has something to offer–IF the attendee has done a little homework first in order to know what to expect.