Maranatha Christian Writers' Conference | MISSION: POSSIBLE Changing Hearts, Changing Minds

MISSION: POSSIBLE Changing Hearts, Changing Minds


Join us this October at beautiful Maranatha Conference grounds

Why Attend This Conference in 2014?

Staff-0067  If you can attend only one writers’ conference this year, why should  the Maranatha Christian  Writers’ Conference be the one?

First, this conference recognizes the rapidly changing nature of  today’s publishing world, and    equips you to prosper in it. This  year’s theme, “Every Writer Needs a Team,” reflects that.    Gone are  the days when you can simply search for a publishing house to  partner with you and  expect them to do everything except the  writing itself. In today’s economy, publishers have  neither the staff  nor the budget to do as much for you. You’ll have to do more yourself—so you need a team of experienced professionals to advise and serve you in the areas you don’t yet have the know-how, skills, or time to do for yourself. Not only can we help you find the members of your team, but you’ll meet many of them here and chat with them face to face.

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Den, Verna, Del-0647Comments from past Maranatha Christian Writers’ Conference attendees.

“Maranatha Writers’ Conference provides inspiration, instruction and take-home materials. It keeps me going and growing as a writer.”

“If you even think you would like to write but don’t know how or  where to begin, here is your answer. MCWC presents a broad spectrum of techniques, structure, and ideas. The teachers are Christ-centered, professional, knowledgeable and very helpful. You’ll like it.”

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Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference
4759 Lake Harbor • Muskegon, MI 49441
Call 231-798-2161 for more information at


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Maranatha Bible and Missionary Conference
4759 Lake Harbor Road
Muskegon, Michigan 49441

phone: 231-798-2161
fax: 231-798-2152

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"A writer sits before a stack of empty pages as God stood before an empty world. It is an awesome privilege—to participate with God in the creative act. Those empty pages represent our earth, the world of our not-yet-born story, formless and empty. And we have the opportunity to create on those pages a world filled with light and life. A world that mirrors and interprets for our readers God’s creation so long ago, that explains and organizes meaning and insight and emotion. That points the way. We have the privilege of becoming secondary creators who draw our readers closer to the Original Creator." David Lambert, from the Christian Writers Guild’s fiction curriculum, lesson one Learn More